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I would like to travel to Japan some day.


Angry Tumblr Users! What’s the point of Tumblr?

I finally remembered my tumblr password and I got greeted with utter bullshit when I accidentally clicked the “Inbox” and found a bunch of comments and questions that tumblr did not tell me I had. They were all positive… except one.

I had no idea that finding things on the internet and posting them on tumblr was so wrong. I thought that was what tumblr was all about! Finding things that interest you and sharing them.

I am the kind of person that when I find the source of something I like, I give credit. So when someone contacted me telling me that “re-posting is wrong”, I was so confused. Especially because I didn’t even get the images from their tumblr.

Do you have any idea how many people post the same thing on tumblr and other websites? How can this person guarantee me that they were the one that created the images?

This person also asked me to take down the image. I refused to do so on the grounds that I have no idea if they did or if they did not make the images.